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Computer Vision Expert

3+ years (required) 5+ years (desired) experience of applying machine learning and deep learning methods in the industry. Experience in developing practical deep learning applications using detection architectures (Faster-RCNN, SSD, YOLO, EfficientDet)
Solid theoretical understanding of machine learning and neural networks
Experience with machine learning methods, such as active learning, clustering, semi-supervised learning, zero- and few-shot learning
Solid hands-on software development skills in Python (numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, OpenCV) and familiarity with C++ Ability to write clear, efficient and scalable code
Experience with one or more Deep Learning Framework (Pytorch, Tensorflow)
Analytical mindset, strong abstract thinking skills


Machine learning Engineer

Strong knowledge of TensorFlow or other deep learning libraries (Pytorch, Keras)
Strong knowledge of MLOPS concepts and systems used
Experienced in using object-oriented programming languages like Python, Java, C++ (or others)
Experienced in using popular computer vision libraries like OpenCV, FFMPEG is a big advantage Experience with Clojure and Kurbenetes is an advantage Demonstrable experience in working within scaling startups
Product Management Collaboration successes Prior experience in cognitive computing product development is an advantage
Scrum, Agile, TDD Events driven architecture, serverless, NoSQL
Experienced in using version control (git or svn) Exposure to cloud computing platforms like AWS, GCP
Depth in DevOps, Continuous Delivery


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